Allow me introduce myself. I am Winter. I'm the third of the four seasons.
Physical Age: 17
Birthday: December 21 (Winter Solstice)
Sign: Capricorn
Favorite color: Silver
Fav Food: Ice cream
Loves: Snow, To be leader, winning
Hates: To be told what to do, to be loyal to her prince, competition, being weak
¤Winter looking up¤
¤Winter looking REALLY ticked off! ^.^;;¤
¤Winter standing with a smug look on her face¤
¤Prolly my most FAVORITE pic. A beuatiful version of Winter as an angel...¤
That's all there is for now. Don't get greedy. More will follow eventually...if you're patient. ~ Winter
Authors note: The pictures on this page were drawn by me Laney so yep, I own these too and if I find that you've used these especially on any other pages without my permission I am REALLY going to be pissed. HeeHee, okay have a nice day. ^_^
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