Hello. Welcome to my page. This page is for my story which I've took the time to create all by myself. I'm a big fan of lots of anime and that's kinda what this series was based upon. Thus the title it's called Eternal Light. I plan to have more episodes coming so keep watching this page.
UPDATES:FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2002: I AM BACK!! Well I am and I'm not. I'm sure little or no people visit this site anymore. It has been down and un-updated for a LONG time. I'm going to change that. Changes include only ONE story. No Japanese terms or edited for kids. I just no longer have the time for THREE VERSIONS. Expect to keep the Japanese names though as they actually mean something. RIGHT NOW IT IS VERY IMPORTANT I GET LINK OFFERS. If you happen across this site and would like to exchange links, e-mail me at ChibiStarStealer@aol.com. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED! ~ Your Webmistress Laney
The Stories!
°Eternal Light in English with Japanese Terms°
For the true Anime Otaku, here's the story with Japanese terms and names.
°Eternal Light in Regular English°
Self explanatory ^.^
The Characters and Pictures!
¤Summer's Page¤
Learn all about the character Summer/Kyuuka
¤Winter's Page¤
Learn all about the character Winter/Fuyu
¤Spring's Page¤
Learn all about the character Spring/Haru
¤Cailean's Page¤
Learn all about the character Cailean/Eimei
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.-.The FAQs.-.
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