Hello. I'm Summer, the first of the four seasons, and this is my page! I hope you enjoy it. It's all about me. There's pictures and a bio too. So enjoy! Sayonara!
Physical Age: 17
Birthday: June 21 (Summer Solstice)
Sign: Cancer
Favorite color: Turquoise
Fav Food: Sushi
Loves: Nature, Sunflowers, Orange roses
Hates: To be ordered around, to be loyal to her prince,Winter picking on Autumn and people destroying nature
°Summer Attacking°
°Profile view of Summer°
That's it for now. I'll have more pics up as the story progresses, seeing as how some of the others are spoilers ^_~ Also I love fanart! So send me any you got and hey maybe you'll see it here! All I ask is that it be in .BMP, .ART or .JPG format. I'll even accept .GIF but those are known to be screwy at times. Anyway send them my way okay? Sayonara :) - Summer
Authors note: The pictures on this page were drawn by me Laney so yep, I own these too and if I find that you've used these especially on any other pages without my permission I am REALLY going to be pissed. HeeHee, okay have a nice day. ^_^
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