Hullo! Wee! I got my own page!! This is so nifty...Oh yeah my name is Spring. Welcome to my page! Hope you like it! =^_^=
Physical Age: 16
Birthday: March 20
Sign: Pisces
Favorite color: Purple
Fav Food: Lollipops
Loves: Flowers, Anime, playing around, to be appreciated
Hates: To be taken as such a little child, yelled at and failing
Spring looking utterly adorable!
Profile head shot of spring
Another profile head shot but not as good
Piccy using paint program of Spring in pain. Prolly After Winter beat her up ^_^;
Spring looking exasperated! ^_^
That looks like that's it...Oh well! I'll have more up soon so don't worry! Love ya all bunches! ^_~ - Spring
Authors note: The pictures on this page were drawn by me Laney so yep, I own these too and if I find that you've used these especially on any other pages without my permission I am REALLY going to be pissed. HeeHee, okay have a nice day. ^_^
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