Leaving me already?! ;_ ;
Links to Other Sites
°The Ultimate Truth°
A very very nice page of my friend Erin's. It's dedicated to her own personal series as well. She hopes to someday make it an actual anime series (And I think it's very worthy of which ^_^). So help her by checking it out :)
My Banners
Prolly my most favorite banner! Features the lovely Winter. ^_^
A banner featuring Summer ^_^
Kinda my most cruddy banner...suppose to be Ira but she looks more like Summer :P
There you go. If you want to link to me free free to take a banner! Even better yet e-mail me and we can trade links. I'd love to fill up this page with more links so help me out! Also since my programs are kinda poody if any of you would like to make me a banner or button feel free to. I'll give you credit for it. Thanks! ^_^
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