About Eternal Light
"Will you translate words/sentances/phrases for me into Japanese?"I'm sorry the answer to this is no for the most part. Once and awhile here and there I may be nice and translate a word or two but I refuse to do any big phrases or sentances. I'm still learning myself remember. Plus I don't just want to be just a dictionary. Also I've seen countless times my friends translate something into english for someone and NO ONE THANKS THEM! That's way aggrivating. If I'm kind enough to answer your request the least you can do is thank me. If you can't do that, that's just messed up and don't expect me to respond to you if you write back again. :\
"Will you put Eternal Light in any other languages? French, German etc..."No. I'm still learning Japanese and for some reason I'm a big Otaku (fan) of that culture. I don't plan on learning French or German or anything else anytime soon. Nothing personal but hey give me a break! One step at a time! :D
"Your characters look like so and so, are you sure you aren't just copying Sailor Moon or any other anime?"This is probably the most annoying question but it has been asked ( and I could just slap people in the face for it). NO I AM NOT. Have I seen Sailor Moon? Yes. Am I copying it? Well what do you think? Do you see Sailor girls running around in short skimpy sailor suits with wands and twinkle powers? NO. Also I'm NOT looking to get sued. I have a copyright on all my stuff which means it's original. If I were copying any aspect of Sailor Moon or anything else I could be aiming to be sued and I don't want that. Sure Eternal Light gets bits and ideas here and there from movies and diffrent anime series I've seen but that's how people get ideas for stories. The story itself is from my head alone. Not someone else's. End of story! >.<
"Do you plan to make any other series?"Wow. That'd definatly be fun but right now believe me, I've got my hands full with finishing Eternal Light as it is and I am far from done. So yes maybe in the far future I may do another series but who knows right now.
"I love your little self anime pic on the main page! It's so cute! Will you draw one of me?"Ah...heh heh...No. Why? Because as it is I'm doing crappy in school enough (I live for the weekends O_O), and I've got my hands full with that and keeping Eternal Light updated. I absloutly WILL NOT have time to take requests for self anime portraits (I already got lots of my school friends asking for some! O.o;;) Sorry :\
"You seem kinda b----y. Are you always like this?"Yes. Get over it and kiss my cute round butt ^_^
"I've heard of the title Eternal Light before, did you steal it?"Again...NO! I do not copyright the words "ETERNAL LIGHT". If I did I'd be swimming in dough. I'm sure out there, there probably IS another title using the words Eternal Light. However I've never heard of it. My friend Jon (Hiya sweetie!!) asked me what the title for my story was going to be and it was originally "The battle between light and dark" but that just sounded too corny. I dun wannabe a cornball!! ;_ ;
"Hey!! I see a gif/background/anything else from my page!"Okay if you do, great! Tell me and I'll add your name to my page for Credits and Thank Yous. Anything Eternal light is mine though (pictures, stories...).
"Why are do all the other pages have nifty backgrounds and this one is just pink and purple?"Hey! Pink and purple are cute and nice page colors for a girl! ......okay okay I was too lazy to go into that much detail for this page. Give me a break I made it at 1:45 in the morning! ...Besides...the stars move! :D
"Can I make a website to Summer/Spring/Winter/Autumn/any other EL characters?"YES! Feel free to AS LONG AS YOU E-MAIL ME FOR PERMISSION! That's my only rule and I want the URL to your page. I'll link you gladly :)Also somewhere on your page you must give credit acknowledging that I, Laney Sanchez, created the story and it's characters. Hey it's only fair ^_~
"Can you PLEASE PLEASE send me the english/japanese version if you finish one first before you put it on the page?"Okay this question may sound silly and truthfully I made it but I know it'll come up. The answer is of course no. I usually finish the Japanese version first then the English. Basically I put them on the page about the same time. I will NOT send you a copy before it's on the page. Be patient and wait like everyone else :)
"Do you accept Fanart/cosplay/fanfic?" YES AND YES!! Only thing I'm iffy on is Fanfic...I dunno about that quite yet. For the time being I'm just going to say no. Fanfic is a no go. HOWEVER I'd love to have any fanart (or even possibly dare I say cosplay? *_*) that you guys got to offer! You'll get full credit for your work. All I ask is that the pictures be in .BMP, .JPG, .ART or .GIF form. Got it? GOOD! Send forth ye fanart!! :D
Got any more questions for me? Cool. E-mail them to me at LittleLaney32985@aol.com. Ciao ^_~
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