Hey there. My name is Cailean Conrad. Or otherwise known as Shijo Eimei. Welcome to my page ^_~ .
Physical Age: 16
Birthday: August 24
Sign: Virgo
Favorite color: Black
Fav Food: Coconut Shrimp
Loves: Computers, To tease any preppy people,to show off winning
Hates: People who think they are better than her, being wrong, being unable to figure out answers
¨Cailean looking cocky as ever ^.^;;¨
Er...so yeah that's all there is right now! Sorry about that but hey I'm working my butt off for more pics so keep checking back! - Cailean
Authors note: The pictures on this page were drawn by me Laney so yep, I own these too and if I find that you've used these especially on any other pages without my permission I am REALLY going to be pissed. HeeHee, okay have a nice day. ^_^
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