Alright, welcome to the Japanese Term version. This version of the story is still in English but has many, many Japanese terms and names. I hardly think it needs to be said, but these stories belong to me along with their characters. They are no one else's. They are copyrighted to me. So if I find you're using them in your stories or for any other purpose without my permission, expect a warning and if that doesn't convince you, I'll sue ^.^ (and yes I am dead serious) Okay have fun reading and I hope you enjoy :)
.«ºEternal Light: Episoodo 1º».
.«Eternal Light: Episoodo 2».
.«Eternal Light: Episoodo 3».
.«Eternal Light: Episoodo 4».
.«Eternal Light: Episoodo 5».
.«Eternal Light: Episoodo 6».
.«Eternal Light: Episoodo 7».
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