Welcome to my little page!!
This is me. Creepy me. Hello =^_^=
Hello there. Allow my to introduce myself. My name is Laney Sanchez. This is my page. It's about me! I love the layout...it's kawaii. Yes I'm proud of myself.
No I'm not that conceited. Really! I just like to have fun and joke around. Um ask any of my friends... <.< >.> ...But guess I might as well give you the run through of facts...
Age: 16
Grade: Going on Junior year in Rancho Buena Vista
Height: 5'0 or 5'1. Not too sure but I'm short :P
Weight: About ...110 I think. Last time I checked.
Eye color: Purple. No laughing ^_^
Hair color: Light brownish red blonde in Summer, and regular old blondish brown in winter. Blah.
Zodiac sign: Aries
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Favorite stone: Flourite. Anything Flourite =D
Favorite food: Mash potatoes and gravy!! O_O
Favorite Candy: Caramellow. By far Caramellow. You could lure my into dark alley with Caramellows (Please don't try ^_^;;)
Me and my friend Jeane at starshots. I'm on the bottom. Eh. I vowed I'd NEVER take starshots...so no comment there.
Okay. Now I'm going to get a little more into my personality and show you some more pictures. I'm not at all atheletic. AT ALL. I hate damn near all sports and those that I DON'T hate I really will only play for a little bit. I don't mind B-ball. I dunno if there's anything else. Does mini golf count? Anyway, I'm definatly more an artistic type person. I LOVE acting. I'm currently going into Drama 2 and I did do a few commercials when I was younger. Yay. Um, also as you can tell I love to draw. Especially Anime. I'll put some of my artwork on here later. I got a lot of friends but my best friends would have to be ...Nikkie, Lori, Tiffany, Jon, Adelaid,Cassi and Eric. Yeah I do got a boyfriend...Dan. He's also one of my best friends. See I mentioned you! You can worship me now :D J/K! Yeah anyway I'll have pictures of them too. Lately I've also changed my hair style. I'm getting use to wearing it in a pony tail, with little strands hanging out at the sides, held out by clips. It's weird yes but if you know me IRL, you know what it looks like... I have a profound love for Final Fantasy. I'm ultra psyched about the movie and I'm even considering doing a review on it. I collect the action figures, games and even little SD keychains. I love Aeris, Yuna (My nickname but we'll get into that later),Cloud and Sephiroth. Sephiroth is just so sessy! LOL :D But yeah. Anyway as for personality I've been told I'm very sweet and funny. I think I'm too sweet sometimes. Anyway I also can be a bit lonerish at times. It's just me. I got the nicknames: Yunny Tunny (I will always be the first and only ^_^),Mouse(ugh...don't ask),Eleanor(...Thanks a lot Dan. HUNNY >_<)
Well I HAD pictures up of me and my friends...unfortunatly when I look at them on the page they turn out ultra blurry!! WHY?! WHYWHYWHY?!! *Evil snicker* well my friends...you are all spared from having your embarassing pictures posted but MARK MY WORDS!!! YOU WILL APPEAR HERE SOON!! >=D ...Well can anyone help me out? I'll give you a big bright smile! ^_~
Leaving my wonderful, kawaii page so soon?
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