Episoodo 6: Konichiwa iu e Shijo Eimei. Ira's Antou.
{Episode 6: Say Hello to Shijo Eimei. Ira's secret feud}

Author's Note: Well I've come a long ways. The ideas just keep popping into my head! This episode introduces my newest and prolly fav character, atleast in design. We'll see how her attitude shapes up to be. I usually just write and poof they take on a mind of their own. Anyway this episode goes out to Jeane. Luv ya Jeane and you're one of my best friends! Stay sweet.
Okay on with the story. ^_~

      Eimei typed away feverishly at her computer. Her fingers were almost a blur. Her eyes focused intently and then at once she stopped. She clapped her hands together and looked up. "Woo! Finally done!" she added with a smirk. She pushed the "eject" button on her computer and pulled the disk free, promptly standing and handing the disk to the teacher who looked in awe. She knew people were staring.

      That's the way she liked it.

      Eimei only shrugged and laughed. "You all must admire my talent! You're all too kind thank you! Thank you!" she said taking a bow. A few girls whispered among themselves. "Miss. Tanaka may I be excused, seeing as how I've finished my work?"
The teacher only blinked and nodded. She then eyed Eimei suspiciously. "Are you sure you're DONE?" she asked, her tone suggestive and firm. Eimei looked over, honesty coating her face. "Oh yes. Four pages total"

      "Four?!" Miss Tanaka gasped. Eimei smiled and giggled. "Well yeah! that IS what ya asked for isn't it?" Eimei bowed lightly. "Sayonara Tanaka-San" Eimei said politely with a big old smirk on her face. As she exited down the line of astonished students, she heard one whisper "What a show off...she thinks she's all that..."
Eimei snickered devilishly and promptly scooted over, swiftly using her foot to knock the chair out from under the whispering girl. The girl squaled and tumbled to the floor. Miss Tanaka turned. "Osasha-Chan?" she inquired. Osasha whined, rubbing her behind. "Mai mazushii ketsuuuuuuu!" she whined. Miss Tanaka glared and looked to see who'd been the trouble maker.

      Shijo Eimei was gone.


      Ira closed her locker, silently bowing her head. All she wanted to do was go home. Her father was coming home today...
Ira turned, resting against her locker. She'd been so tired...
Her thoughts drifted back to her father.

      "Otou-San..." she muttered. Her eyes took on an almost glazed look. She wondered how she felt about her father. Did she even feel love for him anymore? She hardly ever saw him. She felt a little excitement when she knew he was coming home. But her father never exactly represented a fatherly figure to her. He'd smile and say hi, give her a hug, but Ira felt more like a friend, or worse yet a house sitter. Someone he knew. Not someone he loved. She was never really sure why her mother left but she felt that some part of her father blamed her partially.

      Ira looked down, tears welling up in her eyes.

      "Kora Ir- koooorrraa..." a voice prodded. Ira looked up immediatly, trying to swallow back her tears which had yet to fall. Ira glared. Enzeru.

      "Just the person I didn't need to see" she said venomously. Enzeru eyed her. "Ira-chan why are you acting like an oban" he said finally giving her the cold glare in return. Ira felt her blood boil. Why was she so mad at Enzeru? They'd been good friends. She tried to remind herself one little fight shouldn't change that...

      Then like a knife the pain stabbed her newly.

      "I love you too..."

...The betrayal. But she had never cared for Enzeru in that way had she? They were friends. Besides he never let on that he wanted more.

      Enzeru held Hana close in his arms. "I love you too..."

      He loves her. He loves her. The words repeated and Ira felt her whole body stiffen. "Shouldn't you be with Hana-chan?" she said, practically spitting the words at him. She glared, rage burning in her eyes. Ira had never felt this part of her before. She was seething inside. So angry...
So furious.

      "Ira-Chan I said that to calm her down! She was hysterical!"

      Ira only turned her back to him. "Ah...I bet you did..." she said closing her eyes, hunching her shoulders slightly. She felt an incredible power within her. It was a rage. A burning.

      "IRA-CHAN LISTEN!" Enzeru growled, grabbing her arm but not hard enough to really hurt her. Ira then cried out in rage and turned, hitting her fists against him in anger. She pounded Enzeru back into the lockers. He left out a small gasp of breath and stumbled slightly. Ira blinked. Once. Twice.

      The rage was gone. What in the hell had just happened? She NEVER got that angry. Ira could only stare. Enzeru stared back up at her, confused, a little angry but mostly shocked. Ira stared for what felt like an eternity.

      Until she was slapped. Hard.

      Ira winced, her head flying to the side and even then she still stared at the ground, unable to comprehend what was going on. She felt her hand go to her cheek, trembling.

      "Gumai ikeike!! Yokumo anata ouda MAI Enzeru-Kun?!!?" Hana spat, her face red and angry. Ira slowly looked over, still in too much shock to be angry. Hana was trembling with rage. Even Enzeru blinked in sheer surprise. "H-hana-Chan?"

      He'd never seen her so violently angry.

      "Zanryuu kara Enzeru-Kun! Anata...giashou" Hana said, her eyes never leaving Ira's. The people in the crowd backed off. Hana seemed to radiate anger. But it was just that. Anger. Ira snapped out of it. True this was uncharacteristic of Hana to be THIS mad but Hana was saiko. Ira looked down to see her hand trembling. She only found she could only numbly turn and walk away.

      There was still atleast four periods of the day left but Ira didn't really care. First this and added the fact that she was so tired...she just had to get away...


      Eimei had seen the whole scene. She smirked in a weird sense of satisfaction. "You don't get away that easily Ira-Chan..." she muttered, still standing among the group of students. "You're very interesting...we'll see about you..." she said with a soft snicker.

      Eimei blinked. A few students were staring at her like she was nuts.
"Eh...you know...self pep talks...!" she said giggling nervously. Eimei scooted out of the crowd ASAP, following Ira. "Taimu buroo kon poppu-baiten" she said with a mischievious little smirk. Things were indeed getting interesting.


      Ira opened the door. "Otou-San? Otou-San?" she asked, her own voice sounding rather meek. She stepped around in various rooms, peering around for him. She saw him as usual, sitting at the dining room table with his reports about him. She walked over and gave a pleasant, happy smile. The best she could give.

      "Konichiwa Otou-San" she said actually feeling a little better.

      Her smile faltered a bit as her dad just looked up and nodded his head in reconizition with a small smile. His smile looked rather forced...

      Ira still smiled though. "So ...um...Otou-San...what time did you get home?" she asked, trying to show an interest. Her father put a hand to his temple. "An hour ago." he answered shortly. Ira looked down. More and more she felt a gap growing between her and her father. Ira could only nod, a sick knot twisted in her stomach. She walked to the kitchen and took out a small pot.

      "I'm going to make dinner Otou-San...what should we-"

      "I DON'T CARE! Shimatta Ira-chan! Can you do NOTHING right?! Can't you see I'm working?!" he snapped. She could just see the pent up anger on his face. She saw it release. Release at her.
"Kami...NOW PLEASE!" he muttered shuffling around some papers. "Let me work!"

      Ira felt a tear slip down her cheek. She nodded once more in grim obediance and began dinner silently. Ira glanced down, letting the water run. Cruel words repeated in her head, like a bright neon sign she couldn't look away from or shut off.

      Not good enough.

      You're just NOT good enough for anyone are you Ira-Chan?

      Not for Hana

      Not for Enzeru

      Not for even your father.

      You're not good enough...

Ira felt another tear slide down her soft cheek. She quickly wiped it away and swallowed hard. Only then did she notice as she grabbed the pot, that her hand was trembling...

Episoodo 7: Ai Nyuu Senshi: Fuyu's Rasuto Atakku
{Episode 7: A New Warrior: Fuyu's Last Attack}