Episoodo 7: Ai Nyuu Senshi: Fuyu's Rasuto Atakku
{Episode 7: A New Warrior: Fuyu's Last Attack}

Author's note: I'm having a lot of fun learning Japanese but, I got a terrible feeling not a lot of this is written correctly. So any help would be nice. I dunno if anyone even reads this version, but I'm writing it for myself. It's fun. I'd love to dedicate this episode to my good friend Tiffany aka Tippy. Tippy you're the sweetest! You are so unique and incredibly gifted. Don't forget it! I luv ya like my own sister! Okay there's my dedication. I try to do one in every episode. I think you noticed though and caught on. I do it for friends or people who read and comment on my story. I love getting comments. Seriously it's one of the nicest things anyone can do for someone writing a story. Okay well enough rambling. Let's go on with the show.


      The day was a lie in disguise. The sun shone brightly and birds sang. Ira walked down the street, never taking her eyes off the gray pavement. Gray...like her mood. The day itself should've been gray, but instead the powers that be lied and made it sunny and bright.

      Not good enough Ira...

Ira winced. Though that little voice had been telling her that one line nonstop since the previous day, a new wave of tears still hit her.

      Poor Chiisai Hitsu-Chan...Never good enough.

      Ira felt a few students pass her. She didn't realize she had been standing in one place. Ira's shoulders trembled and she darted into a nearby alley.

      Ira hated crying. She despised it with a fury. She felt weak when she cried. She had so much she had to be strong against. And crying was only a meek display of weakness.

      Give up Ira...ACCEPT THE TRUTH! You ...Aren't...Good...Enough...TO LIVE!

"Shimekiru!!!!! SHIMEKIRU!!!!" Ira screamed, pressing her hands to her ears. It was in vain. The only thing she could block out was her own lonely voice echoing off the walls of the alleyway. She fell against a wall as the voice taunted her mercilessly. It was not something she could shut out. No matter how she tried. Slowly...she felt as though it was becoming one with her.
It was becoming her voice.


      The echoing of the school bells rode the wind straight into Eimei's ears. She weakly lifted her head up. Eimei let out a soft, final snore as her eyes flitted open. Eimei had fallen asleep outside of Himeko Kih Ira's home. Her eyes adjusted to the brightness. She was still in her school uniform and her hair was a ghastly mess. Eimei sighed and adjusted the bun of her fiery, red hair. Eimei usually possessed a beauty that many girls envied. Her eyes were her most striking feature. They were a marvelous shade of emerald green. However this morning they seemed dampened by bags under her eyes.

      Eimei shot up. "Yare!" she cried glancing at her watch. She was late and she had undoubtedly missed Ira. Eimei stood up. The night at the Himeko household had been pretty quiet. There had been a minor argument as of yesterday but nothing too dire. Or so it seemed.

      "...Eimei anata aapaa" she cursed herself. Eimei combed her fingers through her hair and sighed closing her eyes. A warm, sticky touch on her hands brought her back to reality. A bird tweetled contentedly over her head. She wailed. "Damu tori!!" she cried glaring at the bird. Eimei frowned pawing flimsily at her now dirtied hair. Eimei whined  "...Just wait...I'll come back and cook you tonight!"

      The bird chirped happily once more as if to spite Eimei. Eimei grumbled and muttered once more "Damu tori..."


      Enzeru's whole week had been shot to hell. His body felt tired and worse his mind felt tore apart. He couldn't lie anymore. He missed Ira. He missed her smile. Worse yet he missed HER.

      Enzeru didn't have to be a genius to see that Ira was really torn up over this whole ordeal with him and Hana.
Enzeru just didn't see why.

      He tried to theorize that maybe it was because he was with Ira's long time rival. He was pretty sure that was the case. Really in Enzeru's eyes Ira was acting like a child. She was a child who's "enemy" had gotten a new bright shiny toy she had wanted. So now Ira was doing the childish thing and acting pissy.

      Enzeru still missed her.

      He glanced over to her seat. She hadn't come to school today which in a way made him feel worse. "Ira-chan kudosai..." he muttered. He wanted his friend back.

      Just then the door swung open interrupting his thoughts. A sullen Ira walked in. Her head was hung low so that her bangs seemed to cast a blackened shadow over her eyes.

      The teacher glanced over. "Himeko Ira...you're late." he said, stating the obvious with a firm tone. Ira meekly bobbed her head in a small nod of understanding and took her seat.

      Beside Enzeru.

      Enzeru looked over feeling a bit guilty but sad as well. He'd never seen Ira look so desolate. Inside he felt something stir him but even he was unsure of what it was exactly. He had always made it a point to not care about other people's feelings. Ira was likewise in an odd way. Ira had a few friends but she was always a bit aloof from them. Now as Enzeru reflected back on it, he had really been the only one Ira had ever truly been open with. Otherwise she displayed a strong, willful image to others around her.

      What had happened to the girl he had known?

      "Ira-chan...nanitozo...tell me what's wrong..." he whispered, watching her. Ira had her hands set out delicately in front of her. They were neatly clasped together, one over the other, but as he spoke to her they tightened into fists and he noticed her try and sink a bit further down in her seat.

      Enzeru had no idea how to go about this. Was she honestly STILL mad at him?
Enzeru sighed and looked to the teacher. He had made up his mind about one thing.

      He was going to talk to her after class.


      "Debiru-sama...Fuyu-chan has failed...many numerous times" Daaku said with a small twinge of impatience to her tone. Her plan had not worked out at all. It was no longer following the map she had laid out. After Fuyu's last failure, Daaku had been sure that Fuyu would be finished. But instead Debiru-Sama had merely decided to "give her one more go". After THAT, there had been the appearance of the new warrior. Debiru then decided that perhaps Fuyu WAS on the right track after all.

      "Patience...I have faith in Fuyu-san" Debiru said, watching the circular orb's display of the picture on Earth. "She is determined, Daaku-san...don't underestimate her. Determination can be a powerful tool to have" he said simply, placing a hand to his chin in contemplation.

      Daaku sighed, unable to hold the disgust out of her voice. She turned to the monitor where they were watching a young school girl with wispy bluish white hair. Her eyes could easily stare down any feline.

      Daaku glared daggers at the image. Mark my words Fuyu-CHAN...Anata imei hateru...


    The bell rang. It signaled the end.

Ira was the first out, but Enzeru followed quickly after. He dashed after her, determined as ever to end this stupid charade. "Ira-chan!" he yelled, catching her hand. She tried in vain to swipe it back but Enzeru held on firmly. "Ira-chan stop it!!"
She turned and began to try and push back against him.

      By this point Enzeru knew some people where staring and he could've cared less.
"Ira-chan listen to me!!"
Ira tried once more to pull back but instead as she tried to get away, Enzeru lightly yanked her hand, pulling her back over. Ira landed against his chest and began to cry in deep, heavy sobs, finally giving up. Enzeru paused. Ira...crying?
Enzeru still held her hand, a bit stunned at the sudden outpouring of emotion.

      "...E-enzeru-Kun...sa mai..."she cried, her body trembling with each sob. She cried hard, her tears dampening Enzeru's vest of his school uniform.

      "...It's okay...I'm here Ira-chan..." he whispered, his hand still holding hers. Her hand gripped his in desperation, as he slid his other arm around her, holding her as she cried.

      The students of Rikou Hoshi watched on.

      Adachi Hana stormed off from the observing crowd, while a face, cold as ice watched with a bitter smile.


      Aisu Senshino smirked with delight. I've got my eye on you Enzeru...

      Senshino watched Enzeru pull the young girl away. The girl had somehow looked...familiar to Senshino.

      Senshino shrugged her shoulders. She turned and bumped smack into another girl. Senshino glared menacingly, facing whoever it was she had bumped into.
"Anone..." the girl said politely, putting a hand to her head and giggling nervously. Senshino raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms. The girl had vibrant red hair and a cute face. Senshino wanted to slap that stupid grin off her face.

"Well...sayonara!" the girl said, suddenly darting off. Senshino looked momentarily surprised. "Hmph...kikei..." she muttered. She neglected to notice that the girl ran off in the direction of Enzeru and Ira.


      Eimei had trouble placing her finger on exactly WHAT she had just felt. She remembered bumping into the girl and her body freezing over. It had been an icy feeling that had covered her very soul. The girl was very beautiful but she had scared the hell out of Eimei.

      That can't even be possible for a normal human being...she thought in grim thoughts. Suddenly all at once her mind snapped back to the day she had just begun her watch over Ira. She had witnessed a battle between Enzeru and some other being. That girl...who could control ice...

      Eimei gasped. It was her!! How could I have been so blind...

      Eimei glanced back in the girl's general direction, however she was gone.

      "Kisama..." she muttered, then glanced solemnly in Enzeru and Ira's direction. There was no doubt in Eimei's mind that this girl was pursuing Ira as she was.

      Eimei glanced to the sky. "Becareful...Ira-chan..."


      Most students had gone home. The sky was a tired, fading orange. The sun was beginning it's gradual fall for the horizon.

      Enzeru stood with Ira.

      He no longer held her, but instead watched her. They were in a small alley by the gymnasium. Ira leaned against one wall, her head lowered as before. She had ceased her crying once they had left the crowd surrounding them.

      Enzeru leaned against the other wall. He studied Ira seriously. She had been talking to him but in small sentences. Her voice sounded wounded. Worse yet broken.

      "Ira-chan...is this my fault?"

      The question had slipped past his lips on accident. It had barged out and now there was no taking it back.

      Ira looked up, surprised. Her surprise only lasted for a moment and her eyes dimmed. They took on a sad, glassy look.

      "Enzeru...you..." she paused. She seemed to struggle to find the right words. Enzeru studied her. He felt the familiar stir deep within his heart once more. "Ira-chan...I want to know..."

      She gradually looked up and her eyes finally met his in what seemed like an eternity. Enzeru had found that he actually had missed looking into her eyes.

      However the fragile moment was soon shattered.

      An icy wind seeped through the alley. The clouds had turned a menacing gray. Enzeru instinctively pushed Ira back, putting his arms out to shield her. As he did a gust of icy wind pummeled his body. He gritted his teeth and opened one eye slightly.

      A voice snickered icily.

      "Teiryuu haidingu!!!!" Enzeru challenged, yelling to the voice. He glanced around, narrowing his eyes. He was ready for the familiar , cold, icy smile of the girl he knew so well, yet also despised.

      "Yowamiso!!" Enzeru snapped once more. Suddenly Fuyu appeared in the air above him. She laughed as though he had made an incredibly funny joke. Her laughter shook his bones. It was inhumanly cruel.

      He gasped as the realization hit him. "HANA-CHAN!!!!!!!!!" he cried, a momentary look of worry crossing his face. Fuyu laughed harder and clutched the girl, her arm roughly around Hana's neck.

      Ira winced at Enzeru's desperation to save Hana. She momentarily glanced down, feeling tears spring to her eyes. She didn't know why she felt so bad...she knew that had to save Hana but part of her...
just wanted Hana to die.
Ira looked up, a little shaken. How could she even think that...?

      Ira shook her head backing up.

      Enzeru glared, though he knew he could've never rivaled the naturally cold glare Fuyu had down perfectly.

      "You never even told me your name! You want the damn kyuuseishu? WHY?! and What's Hana-chan got to do with this?!"

      Fuyu smirked, tilting her head to the side. She looked amused. "I'll explain...My name is Fuyu. Don't forget it. I need Hana because I believe that either you or that mystery 'rescuer' of yours are the kyuuseishu. And that person from last time only appeared when I attacked both of you...so..."

      Fuyu threw Hana's body into the wall so hard, the wall seemed to shake and tremble. Hana cried out, her scream piercing the air. Her body collapsed but Enzeru managed to just barely catch her. "Anata...eimei ...pei..." Enzeru muttered through clenched teeth. Fuyu only laughed once more, relishing in her power.

      Her laugh was cut short as a black wave of energy seemed to hit her all at once. Fuyu was slammed into the same wall Hana had previously hit, but she actually dented it. Enzeru looked over, half expecting to see the mystery person who had saved them last time. Instead stood a figure, shadowed by such darkness it could only have been imagined in a nightmare. The figure watched, unphased and it raised it's hand. A bolt of pure red lightening hit Fuyu, covering her body and causing her to seizure. Fuyu screamed in such terrible agony.

      Enzeru dropped Hana lightly to the ground and ran over. "STOP IT! That's enough!!" he cried. The dark figure tilted their head. Enzeru blinked once then twice. It was a woman...
The figure then clenched it's fist and Fuyu screamed even louder. Her body jumped and bucked from the electrical currents covering her.
"NO!!" Enzeru screamed.

      There was a flash of light and an arrow pierced the dark figure's side. A boy about Enzeru's age jumped down from a nearby tree. He was dressed casually but held a bow and arrows on his back. The boy had sandy, hazel hair with blonde highlights. He had an attractive set of violet eyes. The boy looked serious as he landed. "Out of my way..." he demanded, shoving Enzeru aside. Enzeru glared, about to argue.

      "..." the boy wordlessly glanced to where the figure had been. Whoever it was, was gone. The boy turned to Enzeru. "Are you okay?" he asked calmly, inspecting Enzeru. Enzeru barely had time to nod as the boy grabbed him and swung him around. A dagger of ice hit the boy in the back and he gritted his teeth, briefly turning back to face his attacker.

      Fuyu stood, her crown still atop of her head but her hair disheveled. Her lip was bleeding. She seemed to have a crazed anger in her eyes. Fuyu's hand gingerly touched the blood at her lips and pulled back watching in awe. "So...this what...the others are ...all worked up over..." she muttered then looked back to the boy and Enzeru. "You..."

      Suddenly Aki appeared behind Fuyu. "Fuyu-san leave."
She turned and laughed harshly in his face. "How grand! You giving ME orders!"

      Aki only glared. "You've lost this fight..."

      "Have I?"

      Aki eyed her, but Fuyu only grinned, fading out in a soft blue light. Aki watched the boy and Enzeru and merely nodded, disappearing as well.

      Both boys stared. Enzeru had a look of rage upon his face. Who the hell are these people anyway?! he screamed inside his head. The boy looked over and seemed to snap him back to reality. "You alright?"

      Enzeru nodded once more and started over to Hana. Only as he bent to pick her up did he notice Ira was gone. Enzeru looked about, holding Hana's unconscious body in his arms. The sky had remained gray though Fuyu had left. Enzeru closed his eyes.


Episoodo 8: Ai Daika se Pei
{Episode 8: A Price to Pay}

Note: Okay this was a LONG LONG chapter. So forgive me if I miss any typos. I went over it like two times. Another thing is that I wasn't sure if the word "To" is "se" in Japanese. Any help would be wonderful!! AND one last note is that you'll notice in the story when the villains show up the scenery changes. Well, this will become important to the story later but you may be wondering why no one else notices the change. Well, they do but I figure if you notice Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon, hell even Gundam Wing sometimes that when there's a disaster people (aside from the main characters) are like "Huh?" then go on with their normal lives. A PERFECT example of this is in the Sailor Moon S movie. The people become unfrozen then glance around briefly in wonder then continue shopping. HeeHeeHee!
I found this kinda funny but hey it seems to be a pattern. So I hope that kinda cleared it up for you.