Episoodo 5: Ira-Chan, furendo? Hantaisha? Wa nyuu yokoku rashii
{Episode 5: Ira, friend? Foe? A new ally appears}

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      School started early as usual. Most students were just getting to school, sleepy eyed. The sun was shining weakly against a few of the night's remaining clouds. The school bells chimed, sending their soft ring through the air, carried on the breeze.

      Enzeru walked to school, looking down. He had his backpack slung over his shoulder lazily. He couldn't stop thinking about Ira.

      The look that had flashed across her face for that one-second.
Enzeru had tried endlessly to rationalize. She shouldn't have been there.
It was her fault.
I was only doing what I had to, to help Hana.
But his mind always seemed to go against him.
Why risk so much to help Hana? It's not like you even like her that much. Especially after how she's treated Ira. What an ikeike...

      Enzeru shook his hand and let out a mighty yawn. He took his place at a lunch table in the middle of the school's quad. He set his stuff down then leaned back gently.
Okay. So she was a little upset. Big deal. She'll get over it.
Enzeru had been trying to convince himself of that. He had a feeling he was wrong. He saw her face again. He could see something shatter in her eyes as he whispered the words.
"I love you too..." and he was holding Hana.
Ahhh naniwoiutennen...
"Shimatta!" he cursed under his breath. He didn't Ira. He didn't need anyone. Ira was just another girl. And if she wanted to be all pissy about a few words...fine.
"Enzeru-kun!" a voice called out cheerfully.
Enzeru only hoped he could hold onto that last though.


       Hana ran across the quad and up to Enzeru. As she approached him she noticed him try to mask a sour scowl. He only made a feeble half attempt to smile. Hana decided to put it off. She reached up on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly.
"Ohayo Enzeru-Aibo" Hana said, smiling cheesily. [*minor note: I dunno if that's right. I wasn't sure of a Japanese title to use when referring to a someone *MALE* with great love or adoration. So if that's wrong feel free to correct me ^_^;;]
She could've swore she saw Enzeru wince at the name.
"Kora" he replied. Hana frowned for a moment. Enzeru always seemed so aloof. Hana had vowed to do SOMETHING to show her love to him. She had always yearned for Enzeru and now that she had him, she promised he would NOT be like the other boys she had dated. She wasn't going to use him and toss him aside. He'd be hers.

      "Enzeru-Aibo what are your plans for today?" she asked, seeming more like a lame and fruitless attempt at conversation. He didn't respond. Enzeru didn't seem to really care. Enzeru seemed distracted.

      Hana wove a hand in front of his face. "Chi e Enzeru-Kun" Hana said giggling. Enzeru seemed to snap out of his daze, but he only darted his eyes to the ground.
"Enzeru-Aibo...ni ishi meeku itto betaa" she said, nuzzling him with her face. She kissed his neck softly.
She only heard Enzeru sigh. Hana grinned.
He's sighing in pleasure I bet. I knew I could make him feel better...Don't worry Enzeru-Aibo. Ni ishi kesshite riibu maro...


      Enzeru sighed. I gotta get her off me!!
Enzeru glanced to the side. He saw Ira giving him a cold look. She then walked off. Enzeru began feeling uncomfortable.
I'm actually fighting a girl trying to make out with me? Ai ni necchuu?
So what if Ira saw? He could kiss whoever he damn well pleased.

      Enzeru moved as Hana leaned forward to kiss his lips. Hana yelled out as she tumbled forward into the table.

He could kiss anyone he wanted but he didn't WANT to kiss Hana. Enzeru glanced over and shrugged lightly then grabbed his bag and snuck off in the other direction as people crowded around to help Hana.

      I don't need either of them... Enzeru thought bitterly. I need an aspirin...


      Ira only gave him a cold glance.

      "WHY WON'T YOU TALK TO ME?!" he screamed with all his might. Ira looked down, tears streaming down her face. She meekly pointed to something behind him. Enzeru stood enraged. "SPEAK TO ME!"
Ira cried, invisible words screaming from her mouth. He saw her crying wildly, her face red from sobbing, and tear streaks stained her lilly white cheeks.

      "IT ISN'T MY FAULT!!!" he screamed. Ira seemed pleading. She cried, almost as if begging, almost as if ...
gasping for air.

      Ira fell dead at his hands. Enzeru stared in horror as a thin line of scarlet red blood fell from the corner of her mouth. "It isn't my fault..." he repeated like a chant. "It isn't my fault..."

      Ira lay peacefully, no longer animated. "GET UP! IT ISN'T MY FAULT!" he screamed in agony. She didn't move and all he could do was hold her as her spirit flew off for the heavens. "It isn't my fault...it isn't my fault..."


      Enzeru sat in first period the very next day.
Ira still wouldn't talk to him. What's worse is he couldn't get the awful dream out of his thoughts. Why would he kill Ira in his dreams? Sure he was weirded out she didn't talk to him and a bit peeved she was acting so dumb, but he didn't harbor any hate towards her...
Did he?

      Enzeru sighed and shook off the thought. He watched Ira. He wished she'd at least look at him. It made him feel weird that she didn't talk to him.
Well, maybe I'll break the ice...can't hurt. Kami! It's not like I killed someone! I don't even like Hana.
The bell rang as if reading his thoughts. Enzeru hurriedly gathered up his things and caught Ira's arm. He smirked, acting nonchalant. "Kora Ira-chan"
She only briefly glanced over. "Nani su maro hossuru?" she replied shortly. Her answer was rather cold. Enzeru had never heard her gentle voice become so edged with ice.

Ira turned and glared. Enzeru had meant it playfully as he always had. "Look...Enzeru-chan just stay away from me. Your damage is done!" she hissed and turned away. Enzeru blinked. "So what now you're not my friend?" he asked, still maintaining his level of calm. She only walked out the door. "Okay" Enzeru said, and was left standing there.


      Hana had wound up meeting Enzeru at the school entrance to walk him home.
Enzeru really would have told her to "shouben ofu" but he was too tired and too mentally worn to care. He walked Hana home, listening to "Enzeru-Aibo" this and "Enzeru-Aibo" that. It was really grating his nerves and by the time he got to Hana's house he was ready to scream at her. However he allowed her to kiss him and step back. As she waved good-bye and headed in, a familiar voice hissed "Not so fast"

      Fuyu stood facing the two.
"Kuso! Nidedasu Hana-Chan!" Enzeru screamed and glared darkly at Fuyu.
"Enujii" Fuyu said, crossing her arms with a cold, devious smirk. The wind picked up almost within a second's time. A blistery wind surrounded Enzeru and Hana. An ice wall formed, caging them in. Suddenly born from the ice was a long spike which shot and grazed Enzeru's shoulder. Hana screamed.

      "Ni fugutaiten..." a soft voice whispered. The voice was softer than the harsh wind. Fuyu glanced over, annoyed. "Nani imaya?"

      "Anata. Anata in junan. Ni kirenai yurusu itto" the voice whispered, with determination embedded deep in it's voice. Something glinted in the light. There was a flash and Fuyu was knocked to the ground incredibly hard.

      "Maro hiretsukan!" Fuyu cursed and glared, baring her teeth. Anger seemed to flare up in her ice, for a moment taking over the icy calm. She quickly recovered, pushing herself up and lightly dusting off her uniform. Fuyu only smiled. "It's you..."

      The figure remained as an outline. "Leave..." it warned. It's calm, peaceful tone easily matched Fuyu's icy words. Fuyu only smirked. "Now isn't the time...but I'm far from finished...I want to see the extent of your powers Kyuuseishu..." and with that Fuyu stepped back and disappeared in a blaze of blue light. The wind blew fiercely. Enzeru looked at the figure as the wall of ice melted away. Things returned to normal. Hana was trembling, hanging onto Enzeru.

      "E-enzeru-Aibo..." she whimpered. Enzeru curled his lip slightly upwards in disgust. He couldn't stand when girls whimpered and acted all weak...Ira...never did...
Don't think about her now! his mind mentally scolded. Enzeru looked back to the figure, but whoever it was, was gone.


      The girl mused. She put a hand to her chin thoughtfully. "Looks like I've come at the right time" she said and giggled devilishly. "Jitsuni..."

      The girl had seen the figure leave. She only cocked her head to the side, her red hair blowing softly in the wind. She closed her emerald green eyes and nodded. "Things are going to get interesting. But tell me..." she whispered, speaking to no one directly. "Who is the ally...and who is the foe?"

Episoodo 6: Konichiwa iu e Shijo Eimei. Ira's Antou.
{Episode 6: Say Hello to Shijo Eimei. Ira's secret feud}